Hello world!

Swallow my prelude,

Life is fucking rude,

M in no  mood,

Lemme crash on ma food,

What about me!

Another endangered fish in da vast sea,

Take ma advice dnt follow me

my whole life,

Oh My fucking  life!

A staged comedy,

Flaping ma wings singing dy rhapsody,

sum babes nd da grades,

Mocking da rodeo rades,

In da race of da ranks ,

I loose out to thy nerdy flanks

Hot brunettes and blonds

Lying around dy sandy grounds,

I Have had them all,

Jiving nd having a ball,

My whole life has been a sham

Tryin 2 noe wat i want in life, this pzzle

I cant  suffer no more,

Cover up dy gore,

When v grew up and v went to school,

We vr taught d rule,

How to be a civilized fool,

We grew a lil more,

Nd lyf had some more ,

Anguish in store,

To teach our ass sum engineering ,

Gods in heavans vr grining,

And v  packed our bags,

To breed in da rags,

Feed by de clg brags,

Lectured on …….

M  just cracking da code,

In da geek mode,

My Educated ass soared,

Another victim,

Of dis paralyzed system,



“The path is set, the journey is tough, we r on a high , our vision is blurred  …ooh baby we are all set to rock this world”

This is Aesop and Luca giving an intro about ourseleves  on our first blog as a collaboration. We r 2 guyz who  we believe are rebels tryin 2 fight against the existing system an make a name for ourselves in the world…both real an virtual. We have known each othr for about an year an have found out that our thinkin pattern matches a lot. I personally havent found someone who sees the world the way i see it an Aesop is the only guy till now whose frequency matches mine. Our main objective by using this blog is to find out if there are any other  wackos like us who have a unique  way of approaching an thinkin about certain stuff that makes living relevant like relationships, girls , society , family etc. We are here to present to all ov u people out there with various ideas an situations that cud an have already happend an the way we r/would react to it. We would really luv to know ur views an ideas about our methodology an the day 2 day happenings that occur in our  lives’ am sure that there would loads of people out there who are or have already gone through the stuff that we as teenagers are goin through ..so any advice/help would be really appreciated .Any type of criticism is happily accepted an we hope that through this blog we would be able to strike a chord with all u wonderful people out there an have a blast.

    • Don
    • February 18th, 2010

    Oh really excited about your venture guys..
    I am in for this fight.. \m/
    and nice poem btw…

    • amplifier(desi)
    • March 1st, 2010

    gr8 yar , jinki eng kamjor hai unke liye bhi kuch likh !!

    • im khan
    • March 1st, 2010

    hum honge kamyab!!

  1. Luca, this is 1wordywoman, it would seem that

    You march to a different drummer
    You dance to a different tune
    While all around you are earthbound
    Your dreams are flying to the moon.

    You view life and the world around you
    Through a different set of eyes
    Than do those all around you
    Who your “vision” so often despise.

    When you try to share your soul with them
    Their hearts and eyes, and ears are blind
    Instead they talk cruelly behind your back
    Saying “Poor thing has lost his mind.”

    The sideway looks, the cruel remarks…
    Oh yes, I know all of the signs
    For you see, my fellow “rebel”
    I too “color outside the lines”.

    In other words, I think, despite the disparity in our ages, you would find that you and I just might have things in common.

    You write well, but would write better if you used proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. Your message would be responded to a little more easily.

    Good job on all of your posts so far.

    1wordywoman aka author amber michelle/marantha jenelle

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